How much absorbing product do you need to absorb 10L of...



Direct costs:


  • 1 bag instead of 2 bags of any other absorbent (any type of liquid : oil, gasoline, paint...)
  • It preserves the original floor
  • Use InstaZorb up to it's complete saturation point
  • Recycling*


  Sepiolite   Fire resistant Sawdust
Quantity needed to absorb 1000Kg of engine oil 2300 Kg   600Kg   200Kg
Estimated price for a 1000Kg treatment 580€   580€   580€
Weight of a 1000Kg. Oil plus absorbent 3300 Kg   1600 Kg   1200Kg
Cost of the secundary treatment 1914 €   928 €   696 €
Absorbent's weight proportion with respect to a 1000Kg of oil 69%   37%   17%


Indirect Cost:


  • Less treatment time
  • Storing surface
  • Less occupational accidents
  • Health for it's users
  • Ergonomic


Advantages for NATURE!!!

  • Contribute to the internal and external environment


CONCLUSION : Absorbent less expensive than other competitors, and with many advantages in comparison to them !!! Do you need more time to think about it ??? Contact us as soon as possible so we can make you a customized offer.


PS : You've bought 1 pallet of sepiolite with 115 bags at 10 Euros each, which equals to 1.150 Euros + 1.914 Euros derived from the secondary treatment cost. The total cost of using sepiolite will, therefore, be 3.064 Euros... With InstaZorb you'll need 40 bags at the price of ???? (check your offer) + 696 Euros derived from the secondary treatment cost... And your total cost will certainly be much less expensive!!! Let's go... Curious???


* look at the graph above